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Tingletouch Poker


Tingletouch Poker for Couples – A Game Like No Other, Customers like the sexual content of the game, saying it’s very fun and enjoyable. They also find the instructions good and the game easy to set up and play. 

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About this item

  • Get ready to play poker like you’ve never played poker before. For age 18 or over.
  • Poker for Couples comes in two different versions: The Quick Version and the Advanced Version. In the quick version, players try to create the best possible poker hand in order to win different kinds of reward cards. All reward cards contain three to four different activities to choose from, and the player with the best poker hand gets to pick one of them.
  • In the advanced version of the game, players attempt to score points both by creating the best poker hand and by winning tricks. For each point scored, they move their pawn one step on the game board track and collect different reward cards on the way. The first player to reach the finish line wins and gets to pick a special final activity to end the game.
  • The quick version is super-simple to learn and can be played anywhere, for example in your couch or in bed. The advanced version is a more strategic game and requires a little more time, space, and preparation.
  • Both versions are of course included in the same box, and regardless of which version you decide to play, it’ll probably be the most fun you’ll ever have with a deck of cards. Finally, please note that this game is designed for grown-up couples (of any gender) that are in a relationship.


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