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Hemp Gummies High Potency Hemp


Hemp Oil Infused, Made in USA, Fruity Fun Gummy Bear Edibles, Peace and Relaxation, Serene Calm Bedtime, Gomitas para Dormir, Natural Omega Hemp for Sleep.


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About this item

  • EXTRA STRENGTH-Our ingredients are extracted form natural hemp, safe and natural way to fight against bad mood and wellness health balance, with high potency natural hemp
  • MADE IN USA-Our hemp gummies are GMO-free and our pure hemp extract gummies for adults are manufactured in the USA, ensuring high quality and trusted standards
  • NON-HABIT FORMING-A peaceful and relaxing way to unwind and enjoy a full night rest, with out morning grogginess or harmful habit forming ingredients.
  • EASY TO CHEW-Our natural hemp oil gummies are fresh and easy to chew, leaving you with a full day of energy and relaxation, allowing for the full benefits of hemp gummies for sleep without the aftertaste
  • HAPPY PEOPLE-Join the thousands of happy people who have use Healthergize Hemp Oil infused Gummies to enhance their lives and enjoying a life of calm and wellness.


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